Whipstitch Lounge is a modern stitch lounge in the heart of Atlanta.   Our mission is to bring modern fabrics, essential sewing supplies, a wide range of sewing classes and workshops, and a hip sewing community all together right in the center of the city.   Nowhere else in Atlanta can you find the tremendous selection of gorgeous fabrics offered at Whipstitch, and our sewing classes are second to none.   With free events every month and a constantly revolving and expanding workshop schedule, Whipstitch offers the most robust, exciting sewing destination in the Atlanta area.

Deborah Moebes, the founder of Whipstitch, began teaching sewing classes at Atlanta's Beehive Co-op, located on Peachtree Rd., in 2007.   Demand for great fabrics and more classes was strong from the very beginning; it's no secret that the big box fabric stores are either a million miles away, the most depressing places on earth, or both--plus, they really don't want you there, and the customer service proves it.   With a wistful dream of someday correcting that travesty, Deborah launched Whipstitch as an Etsy shop in late November 2008. She fantasized that someday, when her fairy godmother finally granted all her wishes, she would develop a brick-and-mortar location to fill the void of fabric shops in Atlanta by offering chic, modern prints and sewing supplies inside the city.   Dreams are a funny thing, and before she knew it, circumstances aligned to offer the opportunity far sooner than anyone would've imagined.   By early 2009, plans were already in the works to create the Whipstitch Lounge as a part of Beehive Co-op, and Deborah's dream has become the hope of a whole city of stitchers.   The support, enthusiasm and excitement have been and continue to be overwhelming and uplifting.   Whipstitch has so much more in the works for the future--and we're so glad you're along for the ride!

Read more about Whipstitch on the blog, and follow Deborah's design blog to discover the stitcher behind the Lounge.