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Skirting the Issue: Sewing for Foster Girls this Saturday at Whipstitch!

July 11th, 2012 — 9:25am

Foster children are a topic near to my heart, not least of which because Atlanta has a deep dark secret: the city of Atlanta is the #1 location for child trafficking in the United States.  Number ONE.  It is heart-wrenching and horrifying, and an issue of such far-reaching implications for the children involved (and for us all).  Every year, girls are rescued from situations that most of us would have a hard time even discussing without dissolving into tears, and many of them in Atlanta are helped by foster organizations who give them homes and an opportunity to return to school and find a family to care for them.

Simple Simon and Project Run & Play have teamed up to create Skirting the Issue, a month-long series of tutorials in July that encourage those of us who sew to make skirts to donate to foster girls, something new and pretty and just for them, to wear on their first day back to school this fall.  In Atlanta, this might be the first piece of new clothing these girls have ever received, and their only handmade garment.  I was asked to contribute a tutorial, and when the ladies behind this initiative mentioned that my day would be a Saturday, I thought, “Let’s do this in person, too.”  So we are.

This Saturday, join us at Whipstitch for a Sew-In to benefit local foster girls.  We’ll be setting up extra tables throughout the shop, inviting you to bring in your sewing machines, and sew skirts to benefit Wellspring Living, a local charity whose mission is to offer homes and care to girls rescued from child trafficking.  We’ll begin sewing at 4 pm on Saturday, and work until we’re done!

The Sew-In will be followed by our Crafty Meet-Up, a chance for anyone and everyone to gather together, share ideas and show off projects, have some snacks and mingle with like-minded locals.  I’ll be sharing some sneak previews of projects from my new book (eek!), and we’ll have space available for you to sew and giggle and hang out!  Crafty Meet-Up will follow right on the heels of our Sew-In, and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of overlap, but let’s say it starts at 6 pm.  The shop will be open until 9 pm on Saturday night, for skirt-making and meeting-up!

This Saturday is such a great chance to do something for others by doing something for you: share your love of fabric and sewing, meet folks who share your love, and offer your skills–however small or large–to girls who will treasure the time you invest.

What: Skirting the Issue Sew-In, Making Skirts for Foster Girls AND Crafty Meet-Up

Where:  Whipstitch Atlanta, 1000 Marietta St, #102

When: Saturday, July 14 beginning at 4 pm

Who: anyone and everyone!

RSVP:  write to info (at) whipstitchfabrics (dot) com to reserve a spot at the table for you & your machine–first five to RSVP get a FREE skirt kit, including all your supplies and printed copy of my Skirting the Issue tutorial and pattern!

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Sewing Buddy Challenge WINNERS, plus Challenge #2!

July 5th, 2012 — 9:40pm

In 2012, there are over 100 pair of Sewing Buddies, and they have been going like gangbusters since the spring!  These folks are virtual pen pals, sharing their sewing skillz and inspiration with one another, sometimes learning and sometimes teaching, and seriously, making me so excited to see how just the simple act of sewing can take us beyond geographic boundaries and age and even style, bring people together who otherwise might never get to know one another, and make them fast friends.

In April, I set a challenge for our Sewing Buddies, and they totally stepped up to the plate with some really awesome sewn projects.  The challenge asked each pair of Buddies to create two final stitched pieces: one for a male and one for a female.  Those were the only guidelines–they could have been boy/girl gifts or he/she sets, anything so long as both Buddies did some of the sewing and the final projects were he/she themed.

I loved, loved, loved seeing the photos come through on Flickr, and was genuinely inspired by the ways that the challenge was interpreted–how cool to think that most of these Buddies have never met in person, and are using the World Wide Internet Web to communicate and plan and execute these projects!!  In the end, though, there can only be one.  Winner, that is.

Announcing: the Sewing Buddy Challenge #1 WINNERS!

This was such an incredibly hard decision–I loved something about every one of the entries, for real.  In the end, though, it was a question of which projects did the best job of embracing the challenge and making a real PAIR of projects, showcasing the skill and work-togetherness of the Buddies.  I did, however, decide to give prizes for first, second and third place, so I could brag on more of you Buddies out there!

THIRD PLACE WINNERS:  Nicole and Jennie with their Adventure Bags!

These are so, so cute and show not just how the ladies came up with projects that fit the theme, but also worked together to choose fabrics and style their sewing.  Great job!  Both of you will receive a fat quarter bundle of fabrics (pot luck, my choice) delivered right to your door!

SECOND PLACE WINNERS:  Elisabeth and Rebekah with their dolls!

The sewing on these is so lovely, the detailing so sweet, and the way these Buddies planned out the dolls to look as though they could be hanging out together is just awesome.  I adore these two!  Congrats, ladies!  You’ll both receive a half-yard bundle of fabrics (pot luck, my choice), delivered right to your door!

FIRST PLACE WINNERS:  Penny and Kristy with their Camping Outfits!

These two take the cake–they’re just so much fun!  These Buddies used great co-ordinating fabrics, chose complementary pattern styles, and really thought through what project they could sew that would embrace the whole theme.  Everyone who has seen them has ooohed and aaahed over them, and deservedly so.  I’m so pleased you’re both winners!  You’ll both receive a $30 gift certificate to the shop, to use as you please!

HONORABLE MENTIONS:  There were so many really fabulous projects that I can’t resist showcasing some honorable mentions:

These giraffe quilts are darling, and make great use of the theme–they’re the same pattern, but use their variation in fabric to make them boy/girl friendly.

These HST pillows also use the same design and mix things up with the colors and prints they’ve chosen–I love these!

I adore these outfits (and the acorn fabric that they’re made with!), and would totally be proud to send my children out of the house wearing these.  Aren’t they crazy detailed and super cute?  Love!

The car seat quilts here are delicious–I love that they’re made with the same fabric collection, but that they’re matching without being too matchy-matchy, and that these Buddies worked totally bi-coastally!

Spectacular work, all you Buddies.  I am having SO much fun seeing what you all have been up to, and LOVING the motivation that these challenges are providing.  I can’t get over how quickly so many of you have gotten to be friends over the Interwebs, and how cool the sewing is that’s springing from that!  And so…

Sewing Buddy Challenge #2

The next big announcement: the SECOND Sewing Buddy Challenge!  This time, we’re focusing on COLOR as our theme.  Sewing Buddies, your task–should you choose to accept it–is to create two projects that coordinate or reference one another through the use of color.  I’m leaving that pretty open for how you’d like to interpret it–you can make two projects using the same color palette; make two projects where one piece is in a color that complements the other piece (say, one of you makes a blouse that’s orange and the other makes a skirt that’s green, because those colors are opposite one another on the color wheel); make the same project using different colors on each one, but in a planned manner to accentuate the pattern or design; or create a color-based theme that runs between two sewn items.  I’m leaving the specifics up to your very creative Sewing Buddy minds, but the theme of the challenge is COLOR.

Get to it, Buddies!  Challenge #2 opens today, and the deadline to submit entries is September 20, 2012.  Winners will be announced on or around October 1, along with the final 2012 Sewing Buddy Challenge!  Best wishes to all of you!*

*Non-Sewing Buddies are always welcome to participate!  Just make your project using the theme and add it to the Sewing Buddy Flickr group–with a note saying “just for fun.”  We’ll all be inspired by what you’ve created, and will hope that you’ll dive in and get a Buddy next year!

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Sewing Buddy Challenge #1

June 15th, 2012 — 4:03pm

Earlier this year, I matched up hundreds of happy folk with one another as Sewing Buddies, and then challenged them to complete a sewing project that would take BOTH of them to win!  Today was meant to be the deadline to submit photos to Flickr for the project, but I have EXTENDED the deadline through midnight on Monday, June 18, 2012.  Sewing Buddies, to enter, simply upload photos to the Sewing Buddy Flickr pool and label them Sewing Buddy Challenge #1.  I’ll be announcing winners next week!  This thing is still wide open, y’all, so if you and your Buddy thought you were out of time, you’re still in it!

In the meantime, check out some of the projects that have been submitted already:

Note:  Don’t have a Buddy?  You can still play along!  Upload your project photos according to the guidelines.  Please note, non-Buddies aren’t eligible for prizes, but I’d love to showcase your sewing!

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The Sewing Buddy Project 2012: Challenge 1!

April 2nd, 2012 — 11:34am

Hello, Sewing Buddies!  I have been typing my little fingers to the bone the past week or so matching up folks from near and far, playing yenta so that stitchers here and there (and sometimes way over there) can connect and share ideas and get inspired and maybe even find the encouragement to make those projects that have been languishing and begging to be sewn.  This is one of my favorite things that I do, and each year it has gotten to be more fun and exciting to see who finds a perfect match and what they do with it!  I’ve heard from dozens of Sewing Buddies from the past two years who are still going strong, and I am super excited to see where 2012 will take us.

This year, we’ll be doing a couple of things that I haven’t done in years past.  First and foremost, Sewing Buddies will be eligible to win fabulous prizes by taking part in three quarterly challenges over the course of the remaining months in 2012: one begins TODAY and runs through June; one begins July 1 and runs through September; and one begins October 1 and runs through December.  Each will be different, but each will rely on the shared efforts of Sewing Buddies to win!  (Note: non-Sewing Buddies are more than welcome to participate–that would be awesome!  But only Sewing Buddies are eligible to win prizes.)

Challenge #1

The first challenge begins today.  Hooray!  Sewing Buddies, your task is simple: work together to complete the challenge.  These challenges are all completely optional, and if you and your Buddy determine that you’d like to skip one, no worries!  But what a fun way to win prizes, yes?  By communicating through email or snail mail, coming up with a plan and sharing skills and techniques and ideas, you’re sure to stretch your sewing at the same time that you work toward world sewing domination.

The task: Create a boy/girl project using coordinating fabrics in any sewn format you choose. 

The finished project will include TWO sewn pieces: one for a boy and one for a girl (or one for a man and one for a woman, if you prefer a grown-up version).  These can be stitched independently (one Buddy makes one while the other Buddy makes the other) or they can be stitched collaboratively (by shipping the pieces back and forth between you, with one person doing part of the project and the other doing the rest).  “Coordinating fabrics” can be a particular fabric collection, or colors that work together, or fabrics with a particular design theme.  Format can be clothing, quilting, home decor, bags, toys, wall art, embroidery, anything you can think of that involves needle and thread.

For example:

  • I am currently obsessed with brother/sister outfits, which would be great for this challenge–maybe one of you makes on and the other makes the other?
  • mini-quilts are spectacular for a challenge like this, and if you wanted, you could ship them between you with one Buddy doing the piecing and the other doing the quilting
  • a framed embroidery piece is lovely, and an unusual solution to making matching male/female pieces
  • what about baby toys?  that would work!

Remember, these do NOT have to be for children, though they can be, there is no required size, and this first challenge is specifically designed to be do-able regardless of geography–if you don’t want to ship anything to your Buddy, no worries!  The only requirement is that one sewn project is male-centric, and the other is female-centric.  Deadline for all prize-eligible entries is June 15, 2012.

I know you’ll do awesome things, and I can’t wait to see them.  Y’all should have all received your Sewing Buddy introductions by now, so use these next few days to cogitate and come up with a plan that suits you both!  In two weeks, I’ll set up a Flickr group for Sewing Buddies to which you can upload your photos as you get to know one another better.  In the meantime, be on the lookout for Sewing Buddy emails and periodic blog posts with tips and treats just for you!

I am REALLY excited about spending 2012 with all of you–nearly 175 Buddies this year!  Let’s get sewing, y’all.

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Last Call for a 2012 Sewing Buddy!

April 1st, 2012 — 2:28pm

We are spending a few days of our childrens’ spring break lounging at the lake right now, but I’m still sending out emails, because I’m too excited not to: I’m writing Sewing Buddy introductions to welcome new Sewing Buddies for 2012!  No April Fools, if you got an email from me today, you just met your new sewing pen pal.  Woot!

The first of our quarterly Sewing Buddy challenges begins TOMORROW here on the blog, but it’s not too late to snag a Buddy for yourself!  Leave a comment on THIS POST and I’ll match a final batch tonight to get you all paired up in time to take part in the first challenge and reap the benefits of sharing your Sewing Buddy love!

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